MGM Industries

Custom Color Matching

MGM is now offering custom color matching in-house. We would be glad to custom match your color. We have the latest X-rite color matching software to meet your color needs. Simply send us a color swatch, substrate match or paint chip and we will custom match your color.

We have developed matching standards so that we can give you the match you want. If you have a custom color that you want, please contact an MGM representative.

Class A match:  MGM has verified that the ΔE is less than 1.0 as determined by the L*A*B* color mathematical algorithm. The human eye can not see a ΔE of less than 1.0. MGM has analyzed the color sample submitted and created a pigment load to create the paint to match the color standard submitted by the customer. Color sample has been submitted to the customer for his or her approval, or an MGM color specialist has verified the match by eye. This procedure can require an MGM color specialist to adjust the pigment load multiple times from the initial pigment combination. This is a industrial paint standard match. Cost of match is $75.00.

Class B match:   Customer has submitted a color sample for MGM to match. MGM has matched the sample to a ΔE between 1.0 and 3.0. MGM has sent the color to the customer for approval. Customer has approved the sample. The Human eye may see a slight difference in shade or color; however, the match will be very close. Cost of match $50.

Class C match:   MGM has matched the sample submitted by the customer to a ΔE between 3.0 and 6.0. MGM color technicians have used our color matching software to create a recommended pigment load to create the matched color. Customer is willing to accept the color suggested by MGM's color matching software without a visual approval by the customer--a sample is not sent to the customer for approval. Cost of match $25.00

Class D match:   MGM color specialists have taken samples from customers and used our standard color offering to get as close as match as possible. MGM color specialists have not used our color software to match the part. The match is only to the closest of all our color standards. Cost of match $0.00

Class E match:   Customer has taken an MGM marketing color sample or color strip card and matched the color. MGM color specialists have not been involved in the matching process. Cost of match $0.00

Class F match:   MGM skipped this letter because we do not want to create a "Class F match"

Class G match:   MGM has yet to have a sample submitted for matching. MGM has not matched the color using our sophisticated matching sofware.

Color presentation on a computer monitor will vary from screen to screen. The color on your computer may not represent the exact MGM color. Although calibrating your monitor still is not a guarantee of color presentation, here is a link to calibrate your screen. As a disclaimer MGM does not claim that this will match our color pallet. Calibration Link