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7010 Double Hung Details

The Series 7010 is an affordable, new construction double hung window. With built in corner keys and shims, the Series 7010 is engineered to prevent the most common installation mistakes which occur when using double hung windows. Being installer friendly helps insure you'll have many years of trouble free performance.

Window Product Features

•year vinyl warrany and 10 year glass warranty
•3/4" Overall glass for energy savings
•180oExterior brick mould for wood window sightlines
•Integral "J" channel for clean installation of vinyl and wood siding
•Both Sashed operate and tilt in for easy cleaning
•Full width sashes interlock for high wind load resistance
•Triple Fin-seal weather stripping on sash styles for wind load resistance
•True slope sill eliminates debris build-up

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7010 Double Hung Window

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Comparable WindStrong Products:

Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
Standard Brick Mould:
Sloped Sill:

Balance System:
Lift Rail Placement:
Standard Grill:
Continuous Head and Sill:
Overall Frame Depth:

Nail Fin Set Back:
Interior Jamb Depth:
Glass Package:
Egress Size:


Premium Double Hung Window
New Construction

3/4" Pocket
14° Standard

Block and Tackle
Equal, Oriel and/or Cottage
3/4" Profile
4 11/32"

1 5/16"
2 15/16"
3/4" Overall
3-0 x 5-4 Equal


To get a PDF file with Specifications of the 7010 Double Hung.