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5640 Single Hung Details

*Note: The 5640 Series is the same as the 5610 Series, but has an integral transom (jamb is continuous). 5610 Series cross section below and product literature is based on the 5610 Series.

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5640 Single Hung Window

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Title of Category

Product Family:
Application of Product:
Comparable WindStrong Products:

Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
Standard Brick Mould:
Sloped Sill:

Balance System:
Lift Rail Placement:
Standard Grill:
Continuous Head and Sill:
Overall Frame Depth:

Nail Fin Set Back:
Interior Jamb Depth:
Glass Package:
Egress Size:


Premium Single Hung Window
New Construction

Mechanical, finger plough, wide rails
3/4" Pocket
14° Standard

Block and Tackle
Equal, Oriel and/or Cottage
3/4" profile
6 1/16"

1 5/16"
4 11/16"
3-0 x 5-4


To get a PDF file with Specifications of the 5610 Single hung.