Mary England Passes away on July 13, 2015

It is with great sadness that MGM has to inform our MGM family that long time employee Mary England passed away this week with Cancer.  Mary started working at MGM in 1973.  She was the first boss of the Gaskins’ boys and was loved and respected by the MGM family.   She came to work every day with a smile on her face.   And she came to work all the way upto   two weeks ago.   She went to the doctor saying she was a “little tired”, whereupon we all learned her diagnosis and situation.  As she departs this earthly world, we are all blessed  to have a little piece of her spirit placed  in our hearts and mind as she exits to the next phase of her existance. May Mary rest in peace


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Here is MGM first Blog radio spot about Painted Vinyl Windows | Blog Talk Radio

On May 3rd of 2012 MGM held it’s first Radio blogcast and discussed the market for painted vinyl windows. We also talked about our relationship with IVC Industrial coatings. MGM has invested an additional $40,000 worth of color matching computer software so that we can offer any color.  We are now capable of scientifically matching color to a deltaE of less then 1.0.  The program is 30 minutes long, but is very informative.  If you have any doubts about painted vinyl windows I think this program will go a long way towards making you feel good about the marriage between paint and vinyl windows.  Click on the link below and you will be taken to Ashford Publishing, then click on the play button. You will learn about painting vinyl windows.

MGM discusses paint with IVC hosted by AshfordPublishing3 | Blog Talk Radio.

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How effective is Low-E glass in windows and doors

Question: What is the annual savings if I upgrade from Clear glass to Low-e glass on the 5610 Series Single Hung window. Continue reading

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Do vinyl windows (uPVC windows) save on utility bills?

Today I reponded to a forum article and I thought I would make it my latest Blog post. The Forum’s initial question was: MGM vs Simonton. I got a little long winded and my posts were deleted: that which follows was my response. If you want to go to the initial thread here it is: Window forum. Continue reading

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The Total Tearout

(click on any of the pictures to zoom in for more details)

MGM's total tearout project
Figure 1.
Why on earth would you replace your old drafty wood windows and leave the old rotten sills and mainframes in the home?   Continue reading

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Should I install vinyl windows in cold weather?


During the fall many homeowners fanatically get their windows installed in the fall in order to prepare for the cold winter months.   Many people are of the mind that windows should not be installed in the middle of the cold weather months. Here is a list of questions that people might have along with answers: Continue reading

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What is the problem with butting brick against a window?

Question: What is one of the most common mistakes that building contractors make when installing windows and doors?
Answer: Not allowing enough clearance between the brick and the installed window. Continue reading

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What is an Energy Star rated window and door?


One of the most asked frequently questions we get from all types of individuals is:  Is your window Energy Star approved? Everyone gets frustrated by the answer: yes, but, it depends on your location.   Usually the next sound from the questioner is…ugh,  can’t you just give me a simple yes or no answer?  Well… the answer to that question is: UGH, no…sorry about that, Chief!! (: An old “Get Smart” reference”. Continue reading

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Can PVC or Vinyl be recycled?

Can PVC or Vinyl be recycled? PVC can be recycled.  We have been recycling uPVC at MGM Industries each and every day since we started extruding the material in 1999.  We started making PVC (vinyl) windows in 1985, and we … Continue reading

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Can PVC be painted? (how to paint PVC or vinyl)

Conventional wisdom has it that PVC is not paintable. That’s a reasonable statement. Had I not spent six years researching painting uPVC I’d say the same thing. So: Can PVC be painted? Continue reading

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