R-5 Window Demand

There has been a lot of bally-hoo lately among the window manufacturing community about an R-5 window.  This window would probably require a 1.500 inch overall insulated unit which is triple glazed and has two layers of Low-E glass.  The question is, is there a viable market for this product?  The typical extrusion house will have to tool up for about $500,000+ in extrusion tooling because the sash will have to be widened, which means the main frame will have to be designed to accommodate the bigger sash.  This also means the overall jamb width of a window will have to exceed 3 1/4 inches.  So with this consideration, it means a replacement window will have to have a rather pronounced bevel on the outside of the window.  All these are design consideration and constraints.  So the real question remains:  is there a viable market for this product?

As a matter of conjecture, one can always flippantly say: “absolutely, yes there is a market”. But once a price is established to try to give a reasonable return on investment, the next phase is: Oh-my-gosh, the price is too high. I am thinking the a typical size 90 UI window would probably cost the dealer between 25% and 30% more then our pricing on our 4600 series replacement window.

The next question is, which market should we consider, new construction or replacement?

Another consideration is sash weight. When you start putting three pieces of glass in a unit, the sash weight starts creeping up there to some pretty heavy weights. At this point I personally believe that we should consider designing a window that has the old “take-out” sash system. This would mean the product would be a block and tackle and the window would lose the “tilt-in” feature. The market trade-off/benefit is that this product would have extremely high wind load resistance and would be suitable for large high rise commercial projects. This, coupled with our Paint operation, Painted Vinyl Windows could really open up markets for MGM and our dealers. hmmm…

Any hypothetical takers…..?

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