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After you have gotten up to speed on the story, Click on the 8017 Double Hung picture above, for a laugh.

The blogs….On Dec 7th, 2010 The following company newsletter went out on to approximately 600 people on MGM’s mailing list:
4th QTR Newsletter
Here is an excerpt…Is it MGM or is it Andersen?….”

We received the following on January 2nd, 2011 from a law firm representing Andersen Window Company: FedEx letter to MGM Industries. …excerpt…”we demand that you cease and desist with any comparative advertising and agree to corrective advertising subject to Andersen Corporation’s approval….”

In an effort to comply with Andersen’s issues and clarify our position the Southern Rose 8017 Series all vinyl window, we sent out the following email blast:
MGM apology to Andersen
…excerpt…”We would like to say publicly that our window is not completely identical and furthermore, we think it is better than the Andersen product: we admit that our window is not identical. It has no wood it in, so ipso facto it is not identical: i.e., it’s not going to rot.

AndersenTM is a registered trademark of Andersen Corporation. MGM is not affiliated with Andersen in any way.

On Monday, Jan 10, 2011 4:06 pm we published:
The MGM Challenge
(note: As of 11:27am January 13, 2011 the myemma.com website server was edited and the number two question now reads: Do clad windows have wood in them?)

(last edit of the following was before January 14th)
It is our position that our window is not identical to Andersen’s window products. I would like to state publicly that I do think Andersen’s products contribute significantly to the fenestration industry in a positive way. Their products are well designed and I would recommend them whole heartily for your window and door needs, if you are looking for a clad wood window you can stain on the interior. We do not have a product like that, and Andersen, as well as others, service that niche of the market very well, indeed.

I have another story to write this morning. The story itself is interesting to me, but it spurs my thinking about the changing world and the impact that the internet and social media have on it. The event last week with Andersen really has my wheels turning. I’m wondering and pondering statistical theory about nodal points. I am wondering just how powerful a blog could be and might be. I’m fascinated by the interaction of it all. Before I started this entry, I worked on today’s survey and put in the triple entries to link to this blog. I wonder how many survey recipients will actually take the survey, and how many will ultimately read this blog entry. The survey went out to about 600 people in the fenestration industry and I am wondering about statistical nodal points and how they could multiply. I’m wondering if they will ultimately link back to this blog entry. What if everyone that reads this entry finds it compelling enough to send it to five friends by clicking one of the sharing tools that are on the toolbar below and to the the right of this blog entry – I wonder. Will more people look at our Southern Rose 8017 Series window as a result of those increased nodal points? It’s interesting. I wonder if Andersen will want to file some kind of suit. Who knows? If they do, will it be a newsworthy event? If it’s a newsworthy event, how will that play with traditional media and social media?

But you never know, things just might get heated up. If it does, I’m wondering what kind of legal expense it could be. I’m not afraid to “stare down the buffalo” for a good cause. If we’ve gotten to the point in America that a big company can sue a small company because the small company has a passion for their business, because they simply asked the customer to compare….then God help us, America is on a path of lowering its standards because big business does not have the decency to play by fair rules.

What’s wrong with asking the consumer to compare products? Pepsi and Coke ask each other to compare, why can’t MGM ask OUR customers to compare? I do have a passion for our product: I designed it. I say that with trepidation, because it’s not my nature to boast. But there comes a time where you have to show your passions in life. Take a close look at our Southern Rose 8017 and ask yourself if it is identical to a clad window. Is it? If you think so, give me a call because I need to talk to you. 1-800-476-5584. Or come to our plant, we’ll buy the coffee.

If you’re reading this blog entry then there is a statistical probability that you will read MGM’s philosophy of quality – MGM’s Philosophy on Quality. Find out what it takes to be a champion–if you have the time, please read it, I think it will give you insight into our team.

Since you’re reading this, then social media has already made an impact on your perception of MGM as a purveyor of windows and doors. I find that absolutely fascinating. It shows the power of words and, I hope, the power of honesty and the power of social media. You can link on any one of the links on the toolbar below this blog entry – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – or you can email this to a friend and create another nodal point who can email it to another friend and create a nodal point… ad infinitum. The power of the internet is so powerful. It has already changed the way people are marketing, but it really has not even begun to impact our lives as it will in the future.

I still like Lee Iacooca’s phrase: “If you can find a better car, BUY IT”.

Well, I’m saying: “If you can find a better window, BUY IT.”

Best regards,

P.S. You can still submit a survey entry, just click on:
The MGM Challenge survey

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