Albert Einstein talks about MGM brand swing doors and vinyl windows

I have recently been introduced to the website, with this tool it is possible to produce cheap, quick and informative videos for your marketing needs.  All you have to do is pick out a basic scene and select your actors and then type in a script.  The user then selects from a list of voice styles such as “American male” or “Spanish female”. Simple body movements and gestures can be dragged into the script to give wanted affects. You have control of the camera angle and camera position.  The software then synthesizes and renders the scene. Overall the software is very easy to use. The video produced should be less than two minutes, should be informative, and ideally it would have some humor in it, so that people just might share it with their friends.  The risk is that the humor might offend some people, so some judgement is in order.

Our “Albert Einstein discusses windows” video is an example of the rapidly evolving internet. In order for this type of marketing to be effective, one has to be an “early adopter” of technology.  This type of video tool will probably become stale in a few months and people will not be enamored with it.  Right now, it can capture the viewer just by the novelty of the service.  This service has only been out for about a year and  it still can be considered fresh.  As people and companies adopt this technology the novelty will wear off and it will lose it’s effective luster.

MGM Industries has made a lot of effort towards Internet marketing. The above video represents our commitment to stay on the fore front of the internet. Hopefully we will create an awareness for our customers end users and the value of our product line will become more self evident.


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