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Is PVC safe?

…Is PVC safe? That is a question that extreme environmental groups have been using to try to scare the public away from PVC for about 15 years. Before you read any more of this article bear in mind that I … Continue reading

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The Tax Code Is Upside-Down

The capital gain rate of 15% is BAD for the long term strategy of America. Here’s why: a Wall Street financial investment concern can buy a company and hold it for a year and then sell it one year later … Continue reading

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Update on: The Power of Social Media

I updated the “power of social media” page. Below is the result Updated March 18, 2011 At the tail end of 2010 we sent out a company email blast to our customers introducing our 8017 to our customer base. Flippantly … Continue reading

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Future Windows

  6010 Series                        Figure 1                        1.500 OA Glass Figure 1, above has been generated by our CAD software. … Continue reading

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Tax Policy, American Business and the Japan Earthquake

We are living in some very interesting times right now. In the last week, one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in modern history hit Japan. Thousands perished and many more are likely to have difficult times.  My heart and prayers … Continue reading

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The White House’s race to be Green

With all the use of the same ol’ tripe about “being Green”, it’s enough to make one barf.   At least that’s the way I feel.  So many companies have marketed being Green that can’t even spell the word.  It’s … Continue reading

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