Apologies to Andersen Corporation

This is a formal public apology to AndersenTM Corporation. Just before Christmas we sent out a company newsletter that asked the question: “is it Andersen or is it MGM” and then went on to talk about the great features and benefits of our new Southern Rose 8017 series contemporary look vinyl window.
4th Quarter 2010 Newsletter
The window has a 4 9/16 jamb, has an aluminum nail fin, an integral corner key which will allow the window to be installed easier and will help eliminate “crowning” of the sill. It can be painted our Earthtone to give it a richness and can also be painted a Bronze color (as well as custom color matching).

(click on the image to see a larger picture)
Anyway, as stated we would like to publicly apologize to Andersen because we apparently offended them. They seem to feel that we are claiming that our window is completely identical to the Andersen product line. Their lawyers have asked that we “cease and desist” from allegedly claiming that our Southern Rose 8017 is identical in our newsletters.
(Anderson letter)
We would like to say publicly that our window is not completely identical and furthermore, we think it is better than the Andersen product: we admit that our window is not identical. It has no wood it in, so ipso facto it is not identical: i.e., it’s not going to rot.
To quote Dom Irrera’s catch phrase: “But I don’t mean that in a bad way.” It’s just a fact that wood rots. Especially in humid, coastal climates. This is an all vinyl product that will be positioned in the generic clad-wood market, but will have a more competitive price. And in the best intention to comply with Andersen’s wishes, this alleged claim to be the same, only appeared in our company newsletter. Take a close gander at the rendering of our window, is this a window to complete in the “clad” market segment?

email blast apology to comply with Andersen

AndersenTM is a registered trademark of Andersen Corporation. MGM is not affiliated with Andersen in any way.

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4 Responses to Apologies to Andersen Corporation

  1. Abe,

    Looks ,like you got their attention. Makes ya feel good to know that they read your newsletter also …as well as making their corporate lawyers earn their salaries. Good job.

    Good article on the paint ..we have painted a couple jobs in BLACK … I had reservations … but they also turned out to be a good finished product even two years later. I must admit, I was nervous about it at first. So true about the wooden issues, I had a wooden boat for about 20 years … it was really a pretty piece of workmanship, but it’s life was limited. Keep up the good work my friend …maybe one of these days we will see the home building boom again and have a little more of a comfort zone in our lives. How’s the plane doing ?

    Ted B.

  2. D Pryor says:

    I have JELD-WEN vinyl windows in Desert Sand that are three years old. Nothing is wrong with them other than the color. I would like to paint them Dark Bronze. I know I can order replacement glass with the bronze grids but I was wondering if I could paint the exterior of the JELD-WEN windows? If so, can I purchase your paint to do this and what is the process?

    Thank you.

    • abe says:

      You can use our paint on other manufacturing companies vinyl windows. You would need to use green ScotchBrite on the windows to rough up the vinyl and then wipe down with Acetone. Our paint should work well on JELD-WEN. The cost of the paint is $120/gallon + shipping (say $20 for shipping and handling). One Gallon should do about 10 windows. Put two spray coats on the windows using a standard automotive type spray gun. You can buy one down at Lowe’s or Home Depot for about $100. You will need a small air compressor to supply air to the gun. I have a Kobalt Air compressor that I bought at Lowe’s for about $200. It works well for painting windows with our paint. Here is a link to the the compressor that I bought. http://www.lowes.com/pd_470443-30449-0332041_0__?productId=50129760&Ntt=air+compressors&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dair%2Bcompressors&facetInfo=

      If you want to use our paint please send the ship to address our office. We will need your credit card information also. If you send her your phone number it will probably be easier for us to call you. Our office gets gillons of phone calls and sometimes calls are missed. Email is the best way to correspond.

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