Design Considerations for Wood Windows


Figure 2. shows three design concepts for those people to consider if they insist on wood windows.  On the far left is the traditional design.  This design is used to build thousands of wood windows. In order to understand the issues with this design you should read the above section and also read the psychiatric approach to quality section of what it takes to produce a quality product.  This design requires that the company that built the product must build the window exactly to specification and must make sure that the glass is completely caulked in place.  If it’s not, then the water will penetrate the corners of the window, or the areas that are not caulked, and decay will be the result.

In the center of Figure 2. is a lower end style of wood clad design. In this design the wood is wrapped in very light aluminum “roll form”.  This design is very susceptible to rot for the same reason that the traditional design rots.

The final way to design a wood clad window is shown on the far right hand side of Figure 2.  This is a very good way to design a clad window because if the water penetrates the glass/sash interface, the water travels down and is weeped away from the wood.  This design will not allow the moisture to contact the wood.  If you are dead-set on buying a clad-wood window, then we would suggest that you look for this design.  After reading this and you really only want the look of a clad-wood window, then we would suggest that you give the 8017 Double hung a good look, we think it is the best window on the market

If you can find a better window, BUY IT!!!

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