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Albert Einstein talks about MGM brand swing doors and vinyl windows

I have recently been introduced to the website www.xtranormal.com, with this tool it is possible to produce cheap, quick and informative videos for your marketing needs.  All you have to do is pick out a basic scene and select your … Continue reading

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Melting Vinyl Siding

In the past several years there has been a rather unique situation arise and that is melting siding as a result of the sun’s energy reflecting off of high performance Low-e glass windows.  If you read my post on how … Continue reading

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Do you have a market for a sliding “4 panel”

MGM is developing a new telescoping patio door based on our 8005 Series patio door.  It has four individual tracks in the door.  This means that the panels will slide in their own individual tracks. It will allow for a … Continue reading

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