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Can PVC or Vinyl be recycled?

Can PVC or Vinyl be recycled? PVC can be recycled.  We have been recycling uPVC at MGM Industries each and every day since we started extruding the material in 1999.  We started making PVC (vinyl) windows in 1985, and we … Continue reading

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Is PVC safe?

…Is PVC safe? That is a question that extreme environmental groups have been using to try to scare the public away from PVC for about 15 years. Before you read any more of this article bear in mind that I … Continue reading

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Please Explain Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)

Maybe you have seen the dreaded acronym SHGC. Even people in the window business get confused with this Egyptian hieroglyphic. SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, but what does that mean? (For you old timers SC* =SHGC*0.87) *SC–Shading coefficient … Continue reading

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Why Wood Rots

“Why do my wood windows rot?” Reasons for wood to rot in windows: • Wood used today is not old growth wood. • The wood is spiced together by “finger joint” techniques. • The preservatives used to treat the wood … Continue reading

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